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Elizabeth Tetro Esq.

Principal Counsel


Beth Tetro is a highly skilled legal professional with a diverse background that encompasses both litigation and human resources expertise. She earned her Juris Doctor from Hofstra Law School and furthered her legal education with a Masters in Employment and Labor Law from Tulane Law School.

Beth's legal journey began in the realm of personal injury litigation, where she served as a dedicated defense counsel for seven years. In this capacity, she honed her litigation skills, successfully navigating complex cases and defending clients with unwavering commitment. Her experience in personal injury litigation provided her with a solid foundation in legal strategy, negotiation, and courtroom advocacy.

Beth, with a background as a personal injury defense counsel, transitioned into employee relations within the veterinary industry, ensuring fair and compliant workplaces. Recognizing the crucial intersection of law and human resources, she later became a Director of HR Compliance in the healthcare sector, shaping policies that upheld legal standards and fostering a culture of integrity. Today, Beth is committed to protecting injured victims through her expertise in personal injury claims.

Beth is distinguished by her commitment to the highest standards of legal practice and her passion for promoting fair and ethical treatment in the workplace. Her comprehensive understanding of both litigation and human resources places her in a unique position to offer strategic guidance to clients navigating the complex landscape of employment and labor law.

Beth continues to leverage her extensive legal background, drawing on her seven years as a personal injury defense counsel, to provide valuable insights to clients seeking expert legal advice. Her well-rounded expertise and commitment

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