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Welcome to Tetro Legal Services - Advocacy with Integrity

Passionate. Meticulous. Committed. These are the hallmarks of Tetro Legal Services. As a seasoned attorney, I bring a fervent dedication to not only upholding the principles of justice but also to fostering genuine and lasting relationships with my clients.

About Tetro Legal Services

Advocating with Heart

Our journey in the legal profession has been fueled by a genuine passion for making a positive impact in the lives of my clients. I understand that legal matters can be daunting, and that's why I am committed to not just being your attorney, but your trusted advocate and confidant. From the moment you reach out, you can expect personalized attention, compassionate guidance, and unwavering support.

Answering the Call

Communication is at the heart of effective legal representation. I pride myself on being accessible to my clients. Your concerns are my concerns, and I am dedicated to promptly answering your calls and addressing your questions. I believe that open and transparent communication is key to building a strong attorney-client relationship, and I am here to ensure that you are informed and empowered throughout the legal process.

Best Advocacy, Every Time

Advocacy is an art, and I approach it with precision and dedication. I believe in meticulous lawyering—leaving no stone unturned to build a robust case that stands up to scrutiny. My commitment to excellence in legal practice ensures that your case is handled with the utmost professionalism, strategic insight, and a relentless pursuit of the best possible outcome.

Unwavering Commitment

Your best interests are at the forefront of everything I do. I am not just a legal representative; I am your ally in the pursuit of justice. Whether you are facing a complex legal matter or seeking guidance on a potential issue, my unwavering commitment to your case ensures that you have a staunch advocate fighting for you every step of the way.

Justice for You

At Tetro Legal Services, justice is not just a word—it's a mission. I am driven by a deep-seated belief in the principles of fairness and equity. Your case is not just a file; it's an opportunity to make a positive impact on your life. I am dedicated to ensuring that the legal system works for you, delivering justice in its truest sense.

Let's Navigate Your Legal Journey Together

If you are seeking a lawyer who combines passion, accessibility, meticulous lawyering, and an unwavering commitment to your best interests, you've come to the right place. Let's work together to achieve the justice you deserve.

Contact Tetro Legal Services today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards securing the legal representation you can trust.


Our Firm handles all types of accident cases, including:


  • Auto / Motorcycle / Bicycle / Pedestrian Accidents

  • Construction Site Injuries

  • Wrongful Death and Fatalities 

  • Workplace Accidents.

  • Slips/Trips/Falls,

  • Nursing Home Negligence (ex. Falls and Bedsores.

  • Firefighter/Police Officer Line of Duty Injuries.                                        

  • Maritime Cases (ex. Boating and Jet-Ski accidents).  

  • Playground and Recreational Equipment.    

  • Lead Paint and Mold Exposure/Poisoning

  • Dog and Animal Attacks

  • Disability Claims



If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of accident, let Tetro Legal services fight the Insurance Companies for you to get you the fair compensation you deserve.


Depending on the facts of your case, you may be entitled to a substantial settlement or award for:


  • Your Pain and Suffering.                *

  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life and Activities

  • Lost Wages, Income and Lost Job Opportunities

  • Medical Costs

  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses

  • Household Assistance Costs

  • Marital Impact Payments to Your Non-  

  • Injured Spouse

  • Psychological and Emotional Shock and Damages

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